Sensational surface fishing session for whiting

The whiting were in the mood to play this morning. We had a memorable top water session.

We were out at first light on the Hawkesbury. The water was warm and conditions just felt right.


It wasn’t long before our surface lures started to attract the attention of some big whiting. Of course, catching them is one thing, but capturing the action on video is an added challenge. Luckily for me, the David Attenborough of Bobbin Head, my fishing pal Greg, was on hand to assist.


Here’s a short video of the highlights.

7 thoughts on “Sensational surface fishing session for whiting

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  1. Great action, thanks a lot for sharing Jason! What leader and braid are you using? I tried casting scum dog yesterday but leader 6lb is probably too thick.


      1. Thanks Jason. Do you think 6lb is too think considering I’m fishing in flathead territory? I’m worried 4lb won’t stand a chance against large flatties.


      2. If you are fishing for whiting with surface lures I would suggest 4lb – that’s because flathead don’t often hit surface lures in my experience. If I am fishing with soft plastics and diving lures in flathead territory, I generally use 8lb.


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