Why do I fish?

I’m fast approaching a half century and for the last forty-five of them fishing has been the true passion of my life. Other hobbies have come and gone, burned brightly and captured my imagination, but inevitably fizzled out. Then, like the repentant sinner who has temporarily strayed from his true love, I return, tail between... Continue Reading →

A tip for the loyal angler

Every angler remembers their first piscatorial kiss. How with trembling hands they reeled in, far too quickly, and with none of the showmanship they’ve since developed, but somehow managed to yank that fish onto the bank without the slightest idea of what to do next. That was their first, the popping of their piscatorial cherry,... Continue Reading →

Stopping the clock

Time loses you in the wilderness. Time as we know it, at least. The time that fragments your day into a series of frantic tasks – children, employment, housework, admin, technology, set your alarm and do it again tomorrow. But not in the wild. Out here, you swap your watch for nature’s timeless timepiece, no... Continue Reading →

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