A tip for the loyal angler

Every angler remembers their first piscatorial kiss. How with trembling hands they reeled in, far too quickly, and with none of the showmanship they’ve since developed, but somehow managed to yank that fish onto the bank without the slightest idea of what to do next. That was their first, the popping of their piscatorial cherry,... Continue Reading →

Winter rock fishing

In fishing, the only constant is the desire to buy more fishing gear. Everything else is transient. Changing seasons change fish behaviour. The cold winter months and cool water temperatures shut down many of the angling opportunities available in summer. But winter also opens a few windows of opportunity. For me, winter means one thing.... Continue Reading →

How to catch blackfish off the rocks

Blackfish (luderick) are a mainstay of the Australian fishing scene. They are an accessible species for anglers to target, fight well and taste great. Best of all, you fish for them with a float which makes it a visually exciting form of fishing. WHERE TO FIND BLACKFISHAvailable all year round, blackfish are found along Australia's... Continue Reading →

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