A tip for the loyal angler

Every angler remembers their first piscatorial kiss. How with trembling hands they reeled in, far too quickly, and with none of the showmanship they’ve since developed, but somehow managed to yank that fish onto the bank without the slightest idea of what to do next.

That was their first, the popping of their piscatorial cherry, and a cherished memory never forgotten.

All anglers share that original bond but most have moved on, played the field, packed their bags and travelled to parts of the world where different species of fish offer new and exciting challenges.

But what of the loyal angler, still fishing in the same river, or from the same beach? How do they spice up their angling life while remaining faithful to their original finned sweetheart?

Fly fishing is the answer.

You may have caught bream a thousand times with bait, or bass by the dozen on surface poppers, but catch them for the first time on fly and you’re reminded of your first. The cynical old angler is transformed into a bumbling teenager again, and everything starts afresh.

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