Mid-North Coast Kayak Fishing Video

I spent a weekend fishing a coastal lake on the Mid-North Coast of NSW. An old sit-in-kayak, some lures and soft plastics were all I needed to have a blast.

I took the old kayak that got me started on a wonderful fishing journey about 15 years ago – an Australis 2-UP. No fancy compartments or electronics on board this vessel. Just a couple of seats and beer holders.

I spent most of my time working areas of sheltered shoreline because high winds made the flats unfishable. The coastal lake was alive with bream, tailor and flathead. Many of them small but a few large flathead kept things interesting.


Rocky promontories held most of the bream and tailor, which showed a particular liking for the good old Scum Dog surface lure.

The flathead were more dispersed along the shoreline. Some of the bigger models fell to soft plastics, with smaller fish climbing all over SX 40s.


I didn’t land any record breakers but it was a simple and refreshing way to explore a healthy fishing nursery.

Here is a short video of fishing highlights.

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