Whiting on surface lures video

I had an enjoyable morning chasing whiting with surface lures. My fishing buddy Greg and I were on the water at first light. The tide was high and the water warm. Conditions looked good.

Our favourite sandbanks were submerged and we drifted quietly over them in our kayaks. It wasn’t long before we hooked a few on the surface.

Then the wind came up. It  didn’t put the whiting off the bite, but it did make it more difficult to work our surface lures in the chop. Our hook up rates went South – for every fish we landed we lost two or three.

I think the whiting were having trouble lining the lure up to smash it in the chop, because the lure’s movement was more erratic as it bounced around. So I changed from my smaller surface lure to a Sammy 65, trying to retrieve it in a straight line rather than a walk-the-dog approach. I wanted to make it as easy as possible for Mr Whiting to nail it.

Here’s a short video clip of one of the whiting that didn’t get away.

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