Top 3 whiting surface lures

As a keen kayak fisherman and self-confessed surface lure addict, whiting rate highly on my list of fish to chase during summer. If I could only take three lures with me these are the ones I would choose. Zipbaits Skinny Pop Jnr (70mm) This is the lure that started my surface lure passion for whiting. It... Continue Reading →

Lure fishing highlights video

This Spring has been a fun time to be out in a kayak chasing fish on surface lures. The water has warmed up early this year and bread and butter species like whiting, bream and tailor have been on the prowl. Here is a video clip of some fishing highlights over recent months:

Whiting on surface lures video

I had an enjoyable morning chasing whiting with surface lures. My fishing buddy Greg and I were on the water at first light. The tide was high and the water warm. Conditions looked good. Our favourite sandbanks were submerged and we drifted quietly over them in our kayaks. It wasn't long before we hooked a... Continue Reading →

Be the bait

The fishing bug doesn’t discriminate. It bites people from all walks of life. The result is a wonderfully diverse collection of people, sharing the same passion. The smartest among us dedicate their lives to outwitting fish. They think like fish to catch fish. I’m not in their league. So I choose to think like the... Continue Reading →

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