Top 3 whiting surface lures

As a keen kayak fisherman and self-confessed surface lure addict, whiting rate highly on my list of fish to chase during summer. If I could only take three lures with me these are the ones I would choose.

Zipbaits Skinny Pop Jnr (70mm)

Zipbaits Skinny Pop Jnr

This is the lure that started my surface lure passion for whiting. It still rates as my favourite and accounts for most of the whiting I catch. For a lure of only 3.6gm it casts like a bullet which is important because you frequently need to retrieve for a fair distance before tempting a whiting to strike. For a light lure, the Skinny Pop Jnr throws a decent spray of water during the retrieve which accurately mimics a fleeing prawn. The lure can be worked in a straight line which results in a higher percentage of hook ups. Keeping the lure at a predictable speed and path is important for whiting because they are not designed for surface feeding like a bass or estuary perch. The position of their mouth and eyes are for foraging along the bottom, so you need to make things easy for them on the surface.

Berkley Scum Dog (48mm)

Berkley Sum Dog

When conditions are calm whiting can be tentative and that’s when I will use the Scum Dog. It is a finesse lure that throws a wonderful prawn-like splash without causing too much commotion. I can work it in a straight line for whiting, it floats well for its size and at 3.7gms casts far enough. The added benefit is that bream climb all over this lure which keeps things interesting over the sand flats.

Lucky Craft Sammy 65

Lucky Craft Sammy 65

At 5.8gms this is the Big Mamma of my surface lure collection for whiting. It works a treat when there is chop on the water and you need to make commotion to get noticed. The Sammy 65 casts like a bullet and is a life saver in windy conditions when distance is a problem with smaller lures. It has a wonderful popping action which looks like a prawn and can be retrieved in a straight line for whiting. The Sammy 65 works well on days when whiting are aggressive and happy to smash a larger lure.

Whiting Surface Lure Video

Here’s a video of some surface lure whiting highlights to get you in the mood. Get out there and give it a go!




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