Kayak fishing for estuary perch

Spring has arrived and with the weather warming up it was time to dust off the kayak and chase one of my favourite fish, the estuary perch. Estuary perch live in the brackish waters of rivers and coastal lakes on Australia's south-east coast. They're aggressive lure taking predators and a whole lot of fun to... Continue Reading →

A river somewhere

Australia's East Coast of NSW is home to countless bass rivers just waiting to be explored by kayak. Here's a short video from a recent kayak fishing adventure, chasing bass in a magical river hidden in the Australian bush.

Whiting on surface lures video

I had an enjoyable morning chasing whiting with surface lures. My fishing buddy Greg and I were on the water at first light. The tide was high and the water warm. Conditions looked good. Our favourite sandbanks were submerged and we drifted quietly over them in our kayaks. It wasn't long before we hooked a... Continue Reading →

Be the bait

The fishing bug doesn’t discriminate. It bites people from all walks of life. The result is a wonderfully diverse collection of people, sharing the same passion. The smartest among us dedicate their lives to outwitting fish. They think like fish to catch fish. I’m not in their league. So I choose to think like the... Continue Reading →

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