New Zealand’s Sensational South Island

During a recent trip to New Zealand’s South Island, I was lucky enough to visit Lake Wanaka for a few hours of family fishing.

Lake Wanaka is a glacial lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains and home to rainbow trout, brown trout and Chinook salmon. In early Spring the temperature was mild, the winds moderate and the lake glassy. The beauty of the place was hard to capture with a camera.

Davy, from Adventure Wanaka fishing, took us on a boat trip around the lake. As much a guided tour of the area as a fishing trip, he produced the goods with three Chinook salmon and a few missed strikes.

The approach was simple. Two Tassie Devils trolled on led lines and the third on a downrigger.

Even Davy, a proud New Zealander, conceded the Australian-produced Tassie Devil was his weapon of choice. Needless to say, he followed that up by saying it was the only good thing to come out of Australia.

We had a wonderful morning on the water in spectacular surroundings. Can’t wait for the next visit.