A river somewhere

Australia's East Coast of NSW is home to countless bass rivers just waiting to be explored by kayak. Here's a short video from a recent kayak fishing adventure, chasing bass in a magical river hidden in the Australian bush.

Early morning ballistic bass fishing

Anticipation was high as we began our early morning paddle up a tributary of the mighty Hawkesbury River. It was still and the water reflected the beauty of the surrounding Australian landscape. As we glided silently upstream we began to hear cicadas. What a welcome racket they were making. Music to the ears of Australian... Continue Reading →

Just bassin’ in the rain

Come rain, hail or shine, nothing could dampen my spirits during a late afternoon bass session. There’s a sinking feeling when drops of water start hitting your windscreen on the way to a fishing session. Dark clouds were gathering ahead of our planned afternoon bass fishing trip. If the weather could just hold off for... Continue Reading →

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