First bass on fly

I left my bass spinning outfit at home this morning. All I took was a 6 weight fly rod. A brave move given my track record of trying to catch something, anything, on a fly from my kayak. But every angler has their day. Late spring is a wonderful time of year in Australia. Even more... Continue Reading →

The dawn of another topwater season

In my quiet corner of the world the fish are becoming more aggressive. They are hungry. And they are starting to look at the surface for food. My surface lure season has begun.  I began my fishing trip using soft plastics. Working the deeper bends of the river and casting amongst the weed beds. I don't find... Continue Reading →

Fishing photography

The photos I enjoy taking most show fish in the water. They are more challenging to capture but I think the effort is worth it. Here's a few I've taken over the last year.

Early season bass fishing

Wild flowers coloured the shoreline as I paddled upstream in search of some early season bass. It was a beautiful morning to be on the river, but the water was still cold and the bass weren't in the mood to play. I only tempted a few small ones on surface lures.

Kayak fishing for estuary perch

Spring has arrived and with the weather warming up it was time to dust off the kayak and chase one of my favourite fish, the estuary perch. Estuary perch live in the brackish waters of rivers and coastal lakes on Australia's south-east coast. They're aggressive lure taking predators and a whole lot of fun to... Continue Reading →

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